The Last Lazy Sunday Shopping Guide

Writing this final shopping guide is bittersweet for me. Ending Lazy Sunday was a tough choice, but both PepperAnne & I agreed it was the right one for the event, as well as for us personally. We want to thank everyone who has participated over the years. Your talent and hard work was appreciated by so many. And we also want to thank the shoppers for their loyalty to the event.

Finally, I’d be remiss not to thank the bloggers and staff at Seraphim for providing us coverage for so many years. I have no doubt that their weekly roundup benefitted both designers and shoppers alike, and I’m eternally grateful for their hard work.

Without further ado, here is the list of stores, followed by a gallery of their offerings, that are participating in the final Lazy Sunday.

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Black Tulip

Cleo Design

Cole’s Corner


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All good things…

Geoffrey Chaucer is famous for having written that “all good things must come to an end,” and it is with a somewhat heavy heart that I must say this time has come for Lazy Sunday. It has been a wonderful journey for me. The store I co-own with my real life husband became a participant in December 2010… and I became the owner of the event in June 2012. It became my “baby,” and I’ve loved it for so long; first as a participating store and then as the owner. Last year I brought PepperAnne Mint on board as a co-owner, and we’ve run it together since. She was such a tremendous help to me, first as a manager and then as my co-owner. I’d also like to thank our former manager Rosalie Bouscario and our assistant manager Krisyka Bellic for their time and willingness to step in when needed. This was something I could never have done alone for this long.

However, PepperAnne’s real life is keeping her busy… in happy, positive ways. My Second Life has changed dramatically over the past year, in ways I am loving, but that keep me busy. We realized that for these reasons, combined with the drastically different landscape of Second Life events, it was time for Lazy Sunday to say goodbye.

Our final round will be July 24th, 2016.

Thank you all for being part of this journey with me. I have grown and learned so much. I am so grateful to all of the designers who have participated over the years, and also to all of you who have made Lazy Sunday a regular part of your weekly shopping. It is because of the talent of the designers, along with the dedication of our shoppers, that Lazy Sunday lasted for six wonderful years.


Lazy Sunday Shopping Guide 7.3.16

Short, but so sweet for this holiday weekend! Happy shopping!

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